English as an Additional Language

Seine River School Division welcomes all learners to its schools. Some students come to school with English as an additional language. This means their first language is one other than English. Seine River School Division supports those EAL learners throughout its schools, at all grade levels. Schools in our division deliver EAL services to students in a variety of manners:

  • Individualized supports
  • Classroom supports

The Department of Education describes EAL learners as those whose first or primary language(s) is other than English and who require specialized programming and/or additional services to develop English language proficiency and to realize their potential within Manitoba's school system. Some learners speak variations of English that differ significantly from the English used in the broader Canadian society and in school; they may also require EAL support. The term "additional language" signifies that learning English should be an additive process that builds on and expands a learner's linguistic repertoire."

Seine River School Division strives to offer programming to EAL learners that:

  • assists learners in adding English to their linguistic repertoire and becoming proficient in the language
  • provides learning opportunities that will allow learners to continue to develop intellectually and as citizens
  • assists learners in successfully integrating into and contributing to the classroom and school community
  • enables learners to benefit from school programming and to achieve the learning outcomes identified in the provincial curriculum
  • enhances choices and opportunities for learners to access and benefit from adult and post-secondary learning experiences

Through our clinical and school supports EAL learners receive support for language development and proficiency, intellectual, social and emotional development, and citizenship education. Such support is maximized in our school environment where we value diversity, bridge cultures, and work to eliminate racism.

Complete information regarding provincial EAL guidelines can be found on the Manitoba Education website at http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/docs/support/eal_sup_grant/guidelines.pdf

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