Employment Opportunities

Seine River School Division welcomes diversity in the workplace and encourages applications from all qualified candidates.

Teaching Positions

189 EIDC 0.5 Kindergarten Teacher Term
188 DTS 1.0 Gr 7 and 8 Term
177 CSNC 1.0 FI HS ELA, Food and Nutrition, and PED Term
176 ESAS1.0 Gr 1 and 2 Teacher Term
167 CLC 0.69 HS ELA and Humanities Teacher Term
163 LSS 1.0 Gr. 5 and 6 Teacher Term
153 ARB 0.5 Gr. 1 and2 Teacher Term
141 EIDC 0.5 Gr. 1 and 2 Teacher Term 
136 SAE 0.5 Gr. 1 and 2 Teacher Term
134 RCH 0.8 Guidance Counsellor Perm
131 DTS 0.5 Gr. 3 and 4 Teacher Term
Substitute Teachers
Uncertified Substitute

Educational Assistants

Casual EAs

 School Administration


Secretarial / Library Technicians

190 EIDC 7hr Secretary Term

 Custodians - Maintenance Department

Substitute Custodian


Bus Drivers / Transportation Department 

196 Bus Driver  Rte #32 - Perm
191 Bus Driver Rte #58 - Perm
122 Journeyman Mechanic 8 hr Perm - 2 positions
073 Bus Driver Rte #1 - Perm
071 Bus Driver Rte #8 - Perm
070 Bus Driver Rte #13 - Perm
045 Bus Driver - Rte 99 - Perm
004 Bus Driver Rte #15 - Perm

 Student Services

143 1.0 School Psychologist Term
142 1.0 Speech and Language Pathologist Term
116 0.5 Speech and Language Pathologist Term

Central Administration

No Vacancies


050 ARB 8 hr ASL Interpreter Term

Criminal Record and with Vulnerable Sector and
Child Abuse Registry Checks

Employment with Seine River School Division is subject to the satisfactory outcome of a Criminal Record with Vulnerable Sector and a Child Abuse Registry Check. You will need to present the original documents for inspection, and certified copies will be retained in your employee file. It is essential that these checks have been conducted within the last 6 months.

How to Obtain a Child Abuse Registry Check

The Province of Manitoba, Child Abuse Registry Unit, conducts Child Abuse Registry checks. Individuals can perform a Child Abuse Registry Self-Check online by visiting the provincial website or in person at 777 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB. 

How to Obtain a Criminal Record Check with
Vulnerable Sector Check

If you are a resident of Winnipeg, you can obtain a Criminal Record  with Vulnerable Sector Check online by visiting the Winnipeg Police Services homepage or by visiting Winnipeg Police Services at 245 Smith St. Winnipeg, MB. For those residing outside of Winnipeg, please visit your local police service or RCMP detachment. You will need to complete the necessary forms, provide photo identification for verification, and submit the applicable fee. It is important to note that since you will be in a "position of trust" (i.e., a role involving work with children, seniors, or challenged persons), you must inform the police service and authorize them to conduct a Vulnerable Sector Check as part of the Criminal Record Check.

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