French Education


In Seine River School Division we offer two French language education streams:

French: Early Start (K-3) and French: Language and Communication (4-12)

The French: Early Start and French: Language and Communication (formerly Basic French) program is familiar to many parents as they may have participated in Basic French classes when they were students. In High School, it is an optional course credit. The focus of French language instruction for English program students has changed over the years. Today, the goal is to help students gain a basic understanding of the language in order for them to be able to communicate simple needs or greet a person in specific settings. The focus has moved from a grammatical approach to a more communicative approach where they are encouraged to speak and use the language in everyday settings. Cultural components are included in the program as well.

Although students typically spend 20 to 30 minutes a day practicing French, some teachers will timetable their Basic French classes in larger blocks of time every second day. Generally, the homeroom teacher is responsible to teach French. For more information, see the Manitoba Education website at or the grade level expectations outlined at Manitoba Education My Child In School

French Immersion

French Immersion is an effective method for teaching French as a second language. In Seine River School Division, the French Immersion program begins at K or Gr. 1 and continues through Grade 12. All subjects, with the exception of English language arts, are taught in French throughout the day, with an emphasis on oral language development. Reading and writing instruction begins in French with formal English reading instruction beginning in Gr. 2. Students use the French language as a tool to access knowledge and skills while being immersed in a French environment. They must learn the language in order to achieve success.

Early Immersion is important because young children develop greater self-confidence as they love to mimic, memorize and repeat. Children learn new languages more easily in the early years. Time spent in a French environment is crucial for developing a deeper understanding of the language and the associated culture. Bilingualism is the ultimate goal of French Immersion. Graduates from the program should be able to communicate comfortably in both languages. This is referred to as functional bilingualism.

Our French Immersion program is offered in French Immersion Milieu schools, where the only program offered in the school is French Immersion, as well as Dual Track Schools where both English and French Immersion programs are offered.

 For more information please consult our brochure French Immersion in Seine River School Division. Other great resources for French Education are My Child in School (Immersion) Parents for French (CPF Manitoba) and Manitoba Education French Immersion

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