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Collège Lorette Collegiate
Grad Convocation Rehearsal
All grads planning on attending convocation (diploma ceremony) MUST attend a MANDATORY convocation rehearsal. If you don't attend rehearsal, you don't get to participate in convocation.

Book time off of work & other commitments in order to ensure you can attend.

After rehearsal, grads will receive their convocation tickets, dinner tickets, and grad gown & cap.

Grads are strongly encouraged to take photos with family & friends between practice and convocation, so that they have time between convocation and dinner for hair appointments and the like.

The gown and cap are your responsibility. If you soil it, the gown is dry clean only. Dirty, ripped/torn or otherwise damaged gowns will result in the rental company pursuing you for damages.

We will not have any extra gowns or caps available if something happens to yours, so take good care of it!

Gowns must be returned within 30 minutes after convocation ends.