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​Community Service Student-Initiated Project 41G

This Student-Initiated Project Credit Option enables students to receive credit while making a contribution to their community through volunteering 110 hours of their time. Prior to starting a volunteer service, students are required to set up their objectives in civic skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

Psychology 40S

This course will introduce you to many topics within the field of psychology. It is intended to help you gain an understanding of human behaviour, how it helps us to understand ourselves as well as others in the society you live in. You will come to appreciate the many fields in psychology that could be further explored at University or College. Topics include introduction to psychology, human development, the mind, and breakdown and adjustment with regards to stress, health and psychological disorders.

Law 40S

This course includes a survey/overview of law in general and of specific aspects of the Canadian legal system. The focus is on basic principles of law in areas such as the nature and necessity of law, criminal law, civil rights and liberties, family law and tort and contract law. The students will become familiar with the structures and process of the legal-judicial system and the basic elements of law as they apply to the society in which students live.