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Physical Sciences

​Biology 30S

The course is separated into six modules which include: wellness and homeostasis, digestion and nutrition, transportation and respiration, excretion and waste management, protection and control, wellness and homeostasis changes.

Biology 40S

This course is designed to assist students in achieving a greater understanding of human genetics, bioenergetics, the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom. Topics covered include DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, chromosomes, dominant and recessive traits, cell division and reproduction, genetic diseases, bioenergetics and photosynthesis, classification systems, variety in plants and animals and the characteristics of angiosperms.

Physics 30S

The Physics 30S course is a prerequisite for Physics 40S. There are seven modules that cover linear kinematics, vectors, Newton’s Laws of motion, projectile and circular motion, momentum and impulse, work and energy, and heat.