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​Accounting Principles 30S

This course is designed to introduce basic accounting principles and theory with the integration of technology. Topics covered include Basic concepts, Accounting Process, Cash Control, Payroll Accounting & Income Tax and Computerized Accounting. The course has five modules with various lessons in each one. The lessons instruct on the theory and practical application of a topic and then offer hands-on assignments.

Accounting Systems 40S

This course builds on and refines the concepts, skills, and understandings learned in Accounting Principles 30S. Students will learn how to keep accounting records using a computerized software program called Simply Accounting. The course includes projects that have students apply accounting topics in a simulated business scenario.

Applied Business Technologies 40S

This course introduces students to the basic and intermediate functions of the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher). This course is designed to help build confidence in operating a computer as well as prepare students for the work force where knowledge of Microsoft Office products are essential.