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Career Development

​Career Development is part of education from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  All grade levels include learning about careers as part of every course or subject. In Seine River School Division we have some specific ways we enhance career education learning.  As students progress through the different grade levels and move into middle and high school year they will have the opportunity to do some extra learning about career options. All of this work supports students with their career exploration - what interests they have and what opportunities are open to them after they complete high school or post secondary learning.

​In Seine River School Division our Guidance Counsellors are working hard at delivering the Real Game Program to our Middle Years students which:

  • ​Exposes them to the challenges and opportunities they will experience as they embark on their future careers
  • Encourages them to start thinking about the type of work that appeals to them
  • Fosters confidence in the students as they learn to access information and services that help them plan and manage their future careers
  • Places them in a group setting where they practise essential skills needed in the work place such as demonstrating a positive attitude and working effectively as a part of a team

​Our Grade 9 students have access to an on-line computer program called Xello, which gives students ways to see how their interests and skills can lead to a career.  The students work with the counsellor, teacher and career education coordinator in a learning session which:

  • Builds on our students self awareness as it helps them identify their passions and future career opportunities
  • Encourages the students to reflect on their aspirations for the future by identifying numerous career options that best fit with their interests and skills
  • Helps students gain a better understanding of the prerequisite High School courses they need to complete to be allowed entry into their preferred field of study at University or College
  • Outlines numerous Post-Secondary School options that will help them achieve their career goals
  • Allows our students to continue accessing and using the Xello Program at home on their computers or phones to further explore their career options

All Grade 9 to 12 students can choose to take an optional Life/Work Course/credit which:

  • Helps students develop a positive self image which is helpful in building a feeling of optimism about the future
  • Assists students develop effective communication styles, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • Provides opportunities to develop skills related to resume preparation, completing job application forms, writing cover letters and preparing for job interviews
  • Provides students with opportunities to explore occupations that match their interests

Parents can assist their children in planning for their future by making use of the following handbook created by the Government of Manitoba titled Focus on the Future: Career Planning Begins at Home:

Students in Middle Years and Life Work Classes are introduced to employers in the community and special presenters who:

  • Help to define for the students the attributes a successful employee brings to the workplace
  • Expose the students to relevant and timely information about their profession
  • Provide students with an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and ask questions that are helpful to them in choosing a profession

For more information on career opportunities in Manitoba please visit the Manitoba Career Prospects website at:

For more information about the Career Development Programs: please contact Ms. Marilyn Brick, Career Development Coordinator at (204-878-4713), or by email at