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Test School 15

I Love to Read 2017 050.JPGTitle

Caught Reading 2017 019.JPG2ième année          Books read in 2015-16

9/14th               Actual Size                  Steve Jenkins              SA027236    (First library visit of the school year…Completed the:  What did you read this summer? ….students didn't take home books )
9/30th              Coucou                        Dorothy Aldis     SAS009994          (Students who found the hidden little boy had to tell us where he was…en français.) 

                                We also discussed this past Sunday's (9/27th) lunar eclipse using parts of book:

                                Nature's Blackouts Eclipses SAS013122 by Billy Aronson

 10/8th              How to Train a Train             Jason Carter Eaton           SAS027178

Club de lecture Feb 2016 winner.docx

 10/19/15                 C'est ma citrouille!  Les Dinonous    Steve Metzger        505295

                                On a parlé du:  partage
10/27/15                Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour        Eve  Bunting                        SAS001830
Nov. 4th                 The Wall                                              Eve Bunting                         SAS027226

Nov. 13th               Le Petit Magasin de Monstres        R. L.  Stine                           SAS027607

Dec. 1st                  Over and Under the Snow