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École Ste. Anne Immersion
School Plan

This tree represents our vision. As an entire school community, we come together in collaboration to support our students in becoming independent and global citizens in today’s ever-changing world. Our students are the foundation of everything we do!


School Plan.jpg


Every September, schools in Manitoba create a school plan to ensure continuous improvement in the area of student achievement. École Ste-Anne Immersion is dedicated to realizing our divisional priorities through meaningful and authentic tasks, enhancing our school community and ensuring all students have the same opportunities as their peers. The yearly plan aligns with the Seine River School Division expectations for student learning:

  1. To build a strong sense of community and wellness, which will foster respectful, supportive, healthy relationships among students, teachers and parents.
  2. To develop oral French language skills, which enables students to converse in their second language with ease and confidence.
  3. To create a literacy rich environment in our classrooms with a focus on critical thinking and questioning.
  4. To engage and motivate students through authentic writing tasks in order to become proficient writers.
  5. To develop strong numeracy skills by having students explain their mathematical thinking/process through French language.


Community Report

Additionally, all schools in Seine River prepare an annual Report to the Community which is a parent-friendly version of that official report that details schools goals for the coming year and also reports on the previous year's accomplishments with respect to that year's goals. 

Click the link below to view the report for 2018-2019

Community Report 2018 - 2019.pdf