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École Ste. Anne Immersion
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École Ste-Anne Immersion is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 French Immersion school located in Ste-Anne, Manitoba.   We are a school that follows an Early and Middle Years philosophy.  École Ste-Anne Immersion brings together students from the communities of Ste-Anne, Richer, Ste-Genevieve/Ross, La Broquerie, and the surrounding rural areas. There are approximately 260 students attending our school.

The school's professional staff includes a Principal, 13 teaching and support staff including  a Resource Teacher, a Reading Recovery teacher, a Guidance Counsellor, a Library Technician, a Secretary, and several Educational Assistants who work with the resource and classroom teachers providing support to students. Students of École Ste-Anne Immersion also have access to clinicians of Seine River School Division for speech and language, social work, psychology and occupational therapy.

The development of successful life-long learners is the focus of our school. The capacity to learn, to see other perspectives and to accept differences by recognizing their strengths, produce successful citizens and a powerful community. To this end, academics form the core of our school experience. All subjects are taught in adherence with the expectations of the curriculum for Manitoba Schools, with a focus upon literacy and numeracy as vital skills in today's world.

Underlying each busy day at École Ste-Anne Immersion is an understanding that learning is a "messy" job and that children must be willing to engage in that messiness in order to grow. Using empathy, respect and humour, we give our students an environment in which they feel secure enough to take the risks and face the errors that lead to real growth both academically and personally.

At École Ste-Anne Immersion, we are working with our school community to provide a safe, respectful environment where the school community cooperates to ensure quality learning for our students.