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Ste. Anne Elementary School
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Letter from Mr. St. Vincent

May 15, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians of Ste. Anne Elementary,


I wanted to inform everyone that I have accepted the position of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction with Seine River school division next year, which means I won't be returning to Ste Anne Collegiate and Ste Anne Elementary. I have had the honour of being Principal for the past 10 years at two of the greatest schools I could have ever wished to work with. Your community and school support has not gone unnoticed over my time here at the schools. I want to thank you for working with me over those years and your support has always been very appreciated. The two schools are filled with wonderful teachers, EA's, staff and most of all fantastic students. I have no doubt they will continue to flourish and I'm excited to still be connected to them in a different role. Thank you all again for your support over the years and sending your great kids to school each day!

Yvan St Vincent