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Ste. Anne Elementary School
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Ste. Anne Elementary is a Kindergarten to grade 8 English school located in Ste. Anne, Manitoba. We are a school that follows a multi-age philosophy. Ste. Anne Elementary school draws its population from the village of Ste. Anne and the surrounding rural area. There are approximately 201 students attending our school.

The schools professional staff includes a principal, a vice-principal, a librarian, a resource teacher and guidance counselor/social worker. Educational assistants work with the resource and classroom teacher providing support to students. Students of Ste. Anne Elementary have access to clinicians of Seine River School Division for speech and language, psychological and occupational therapy.

Members of the Ste. Anne Elementary School hold the vision that our school provides an environment in which everyone will experience success.

Ste. Anne Elementary shares the complex with Ste. Anne Immersion and Ste. Anne Collegiate.