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Welcome to our Student Services page!  

When your young person registers at Ste. Anne Collegiate, they will be connected to a Learning Support Teacher (LST) that will oversee their educational platform or plan during their high school career at SAC. They will help to ensure that your young person understands their requirements for graduation and will discuss options for alternative educational needs as necessary.  They will discuss future plans, goals and university requirements as well as scholarship possibilities. The Learning Support Teachers (LST) work with students, guardians, teachers, educational assistants, clinicians and administration teams to ensure that students are receiving the most effective support to ensure success for the student. 

They also are trained to support students in mental health needs counselling. They are willing to chat and support your young person as they grow and flourish throughout their high school career. 

Our Learning Support Teachers (LST) are:

​Grade 9 Students
Heather Knip
​Grade 10 Students
​Kristen Pritchard
​Grade 11 Students
Keri Huver
​Grade 12 Students
​Jana Muzyka