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Richer School

          Early Years

In the Early Years program this year our focus is on assisting our students in Kindergarten and

Grade 1 to reach appropriate reading level goals. In order to accomplish this we will use the

information gathered in classroom assessment and from the Strong Beginnings assessment to

plan our literacy program to meet student needs. We will participate in the STARS program for

our Grade 1 students to provide additional instruction in letter recognition and beginning reading

skills to assist these students to reach Grade 1 expectations by the end of this school year.

In Grades 2-4, we will continue to focus on developing reading comprehension skills and writing

skills. We will continue to add regional literacy strategies in our classes to meet the learning

styles of all students. We will continue to use the 6&1 Writing Traits program to enhance the

writing skills of our students. We will also introduce the Printing Without Tears program to our

students who are reluctant writers to provide them with specific skill training to increase their

comfort with printing and writing.

Middle Years

In our Middle Years classes we will use the information provided by the Strong Beginnings

program to focus our teaching on skill development in reading comprehension, writing skills and

literature studies. We will use a variety of techniques, including the regional literacy strategies to

introduce our students to a variety of genres in both reading and writing and to continue the

development of their skills in both areas. We will also provide more focus on literacy as learning

to help students refine their awareness of what constitutes good reading and writing and to assist

them to develop higher expectations of their own work.


Assessment at all levels will follow the provincial guidelines of using assessment both as a

teaching and learning tool. We will continue to work at developing rubrics with our students.

Project work and literature circles will be used to assess students’ development in working as a

group to accomplish a goal.


We will incorporate our ITC curriculum goals in our teaching of literacy by using these goals

and the tools we have to enable students to do research for literacy projects, for reading

comprehension development and for practice in writing.