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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

The new school year is upon us with all the excitement that a fresh beginning brings!  We are very excited to continue to build the Richer School Community together.

We run a comprehensive educational program that follows the curriculum guidelines established by Manitoba Education.  We also offer many additional programs such as the Student Leadership Program, a full Athletic Program, Music/Band, Breakfast for Learning Program and more. 

The staff at Richer School are dedicated to helping students grow and learn in every way.  Providing a safe and caring learning environment is a priority.  We want to ensure that every child has the tools they need to succeed in academics and in life.

Parents are a VERY important part of their child's education and we are always looking for ways to work together to provide the best opportunities possible for your children.  Our children need both the knowledge/guidance that you bring and the education our teachers bring to grow into successful citizens.

We are grateful to the PAC for all the work they do in supporting the school.  The PAC is run by parents/guardians who volunteer to give of their time. They are always looking for new members so if you are interested in joining, please contact the school.


Karen Thiessen, Principal