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La Salle School
Principal's Message

La Salle School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 School of 363 students that draws its population from the town of La Salle and the surrounding area. The school's 24 teaching staff includes a full-time principal, vice-principal, resource teachers and counsellor, a music teacher and physical education teachers. We have 9 educational assistants that work with both the resource and classroom teachers in providing support to students. The staff also includes a full time secretary, a part time secretary and a full–time library technician and three custodians.

Teachers continue to strengthen their teaching practices in their classrooms. Their increased understanding of creating Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, as well as providing students with descriptive feedback has supported students in being actively engaged in their own learning.  As teachers continue to infuse these practices into their daily instruction, students have more clarity about their learning, and as a result their enjoyment of learning has increased.

La Salle school will continue to work on our students taking ownership for their learning and being actively engaged throughout the process.  We look forward to sharing our progress in this area with parents, so that we can demonstrate what student learning looks like in La Salle school.