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Dawson Trail School
School Profile

Dawson Trail School, located in Lorette, Manitoba, is an English Kindergarten to grade 8 public school, serving the Community of Lorette as well as many smaller outlying communities and remote farm areas.

We have an enthusiastic staff of over 60 Teachers, Educational Assistants and Support Staff.

We are an inclusive school that endeavors to support the needs of all students including students who have challenges beyond the regular curriculum, English as an additional language, and students with other special needs.

Our school is accessible to various community groups:  Basketball, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Cadets, Family Fun Group and many other community groups.

Our active Parent Advisory Committee helps promote our school within the community.  They provide hot meals once a month and have purchased many items to compliment the learning of our students.

Athletics is a strong component of DTS culture.  Our regular sports teams compete divisionally in volleyball, basketball badminton, baseball, and track and field.  Students also participate in a well attended intra-mural program and a very popular house system, that features a variety of events.  Many students, staff and community members also participate in our yearly SRSD ice fishing derby in February.

The Band program runs from grades 7-8.  The DTS bands perform a fall and spring concert as well as a regional band performance.

We have high academic standards with a particular focus on literacy and numeracy.  We are also focusing on connecting our students to the facilities and opportunities in the Lorette Community.

We continue to have a strong partnership with the Seine River School Division, Board of Trustees, our parents and the community.  We believe in providing our students with genuine learning opportunities and authentic experiences in the safe and comfortable setting.  Our successes are in large part due to the continued support we receive from you.

Recognizing that technology is a tool to assist in learning, we ensure our students have universal access to a variety of internet services.   Our grade 5-8 students are all given an I-Pad to help facilitate learning in the classroom and at home.  We also have LCD projectors and Smart Boards in each classroom, which enables our students and staff to access current information, explore the internet for educational resources, create multi-media projects and sharpen their computer literacy.

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