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Collège St. Norbert Collegiate
High School Apprenticeship Program

Seamless transition from school to work and authentic learning opportunities are just a few of the many advantages our students can access through the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP).  HSAP integrates senior years courses with on-the-job Apprenticeship training.  It is open to high school students who meet the required age and educational requirements.

In the High School Apprenticeship Program students can earn up to eight credits and must be paid at least 10% above minimum wage. We provide for over 59 trade specific learning options by qualified experts often using state of the art equipment and technology.  College St. Norbert Collegiate has arranged the timetable in a logical fashion to allow participation in HSAP that ensures all compulsory subjects and necessary credits are attained.  College St. Norbert Collegiate has been a leader in the growth of this program around the province and many former students are enjoying great success.

For more information about the HSAP, please contact Mr. Namaka at the school(204-269-4920), or by email at

HSAP Student and Parent Presentation.mp4