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Collège St. Norbert Collegiate

F.T.J. 2018


For the past several months, immersion students at Collège St. Norbert Collegiate have been collaborating to write and produce a play to be presented at the annual Festival Théâtre Jeunesse. Held from May 7th-11th, this experience, by and for the students, attracts hundreds to the performing arts each year. Our production this year, Kosmonavt, takes us to the Soviet Union in the 1940's and the childhood of Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. The play highlights the struggles faced by young Valentina, and the all too frequent clash between her aspirations and the reality of life for a woman of the time period. Though seemingly incompatible, imagination becomes reality as we are taken through a series of events, based on facts as well as students' perceptions, that culminates in Valentina becoming the first woman in space.
20 students worked extensively to ensure this production was successful, devoting many hours to lights and sound, costumes and décor, choreography, writing, and acting. This effort was well rewarded as Kosmonavt, among 15 other plays, went on to win gold for sound effects, silver for best written text, directing, and supporting actor , bronze for lead actor, best school spirit and most notably, "Meilleur production 2018". We are very proud of the engagement and enthusiasm that students displayed and look forward to next year's production. Le Fiyah ne sera jamais éteint!

CSNC's play was about Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, and the challenges she overcame to reach her goals. Their ensemble consisted of 20 students.

Meilleure production (Best production) : GOLD

Meilleur texte (Best written text) : SILVER (Bailey Beaudette, Kristina Bessason, Matthew Nikkel)

Meilleurs effets visuels et sonores (Best sound and visual effects) : GOLD (Grayson Shanks, Jordan Dandeneau, Jordan Procyk)

Meilleure comédienne de soutien (Best supporting actress) : SILVER (Jayme Dillabough- $500 USB Bursary)

Meilleur esprit FTJ (Best school spirit) : GOLD

Meilleure comédienne (Best Lead actress): BRONZE (Sydney Dillabough- $250 USB Bursary)

Meilleure mise en scène (staging) : SILVER (Kristina Bessason)

Way to go team!