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Collège Lorette Collegiate
Grad Fees
Convocation is free and will take place at CLC.  More info TBD. 

Grad Dinner and Dance tickets will be $90 per ticket and will be sold in rounds.

February 7- April 21 is when tickets will go on sale.  A maximum of 5 tickets may be purchased at this time.

April 25- May 6 is when the second round of tickets go on sale on a first come, first serve basis.  A maximum of 5 tickets will be sold at this time.

If any tickets remain after the second round, tickets will be sold again on a first come, first serve basis.  There will be no limit at this time.  Please note that tables will seat 10 guests, so if you purchase more than 10 tickets, your additional guests will be seated at another table.

Fees must be paid online or at the office at the time of the purchase.

The catalogue availalbe will be to purchase the full amount of 5 tickets in the first round at $90/ticket.

If you are looking to purchase 4 tickets or less during the first round, you must contact Colleen Eason in the office (contact information below) for her to create an alternate catalogue with your ticket amount.

The graduate does require a ticket for the dinner and dance, so they must be included in the head count for ticket purchase.

The Dinner and Dance will be held at a licensed facilty and all guest must follow the regulations and protocols of Regent Event Centre.  This means all guests must show proof of vaccination and ID upon entry at this time.

For inquiries about your balance, please contact Mrs. Eason: or 204-878-2887.