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Collège Lorette Collegiate
Grad Gowns
Everyone will receive their grad gowns, caps, v-stoles and any cords/sashes they have earned after convocation practice.

This is done to give you lots of time to take photos with family and friends. Treat everything well: we don't have extras if you forget or ruin yours!

You must arrive to convocation wearing your gown, cap, v-stole, and any cords/sashes.

Once convocation is done, there is a hat toss photo taken by Mr. Giesbrecht outside. After this group photo is done, you have 30 minutes to return your gown and v-stole. You keep the cap and any cords/sashes you earned.

Failure to return your gown and v-stole will result in the gown rental company charging you a replacement fee.