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All About Grade 10

Attendance and lates

You will be marked late if you enter your class after the bell has rung.

You will be marked absent if you do not attend class. Absences are delivered every night via phone calls and emails to your families. 

Families: if you wish to excuse your student's absence, please call the office at (204) 878-2887.

Please be aware that habitual absenteeism will likely result in you not being successful in your class(es). Make sure you attend on time, every day.


High School Apprenticeship (HSAP) is a program designed to help you learn a trade while earning money and up to 8 optional high school credits.

You must complete and pass ALL of your Grade 9 and 10 compulsory classes in order to begin the HSAP program.

To find out more about HSAP, click here to read about the program, or click here to contact our school's HSAP Co-ordinator, Mr. Paul Turenne.


In grade 10, you need to start seriously considering what career path you would like to pursue once you graduate from high school. The reason why you need to do this now is because starting in grade 10, you will need to choose courses that will help you be prepared for the career you're interested in. It's a good idea to check the websites for the post-secondary school you may want to attend to see what high school courses you will need to apply for that school. 


It's important to understand that high school teachers have a very different workload from early/middle years students. High school teachers can teach over 125 students a day, whereas most early/middle years teachers may only have 25 students a day.

In order to ensure communication takes place in a timely manner between your family and your student's teachers, please consider the following:

- If the teacher uses the Remind text/e-mail alert system, please sign up. You'll be notified whenever the teacher sends out info, and you can communicate with the teacher via text/e-mail.

- E-mail teachers. It's difficult for most teachers to get to a phone during the day, as we are all involved in many extra-curricular activities, committees, etc. However, we will likely have a few moments here and there throughout the day when we can respond to an e-mail.

- Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about your student in a particular course. The sooner you share your questions/concerns, the sooner everyone can work together to resolve the situation.

Compulsory and optional courses

Compulsory (or sometimes called "mandatory") courses are classes students must take and pass to fulfill the compulsory credits requirement for high school graduation.

Optional courses are classes students choose to take, and must pass to fulfill the optional credits requirement for high school graduation.

The following are the lists of compulsory classes students must take in grade 10:





Phys. Ed.

Francais (French Immersion)

Optional courses are classes you choose that match your interests. The grade 10 optional courses are:

Foods & Nutrition






Course Outlines

On the first day of each course, your teacher will give you a course outline. It will explain how to contact the teacher, what you'll be learning, the expectations, how you'll be assessed, and other info relevant to the course.

It's a good idea to take these home and go over them with your family.

Credit system

The majority of courses at CLC are worth 1 credit; however, there are some half-credit (0.5) courses.

In order to graduate, students need a minimum of 30 credits (applies to FI and ENG programs). French Immersion students must have a minimum of 14 credits taught in French.

You need a minimum number of compulsory (mandatory) and optional credits to fulfill graduation requirements. The Province of Manitoba has posted the English requirements here, and the French Immersion requirements here.

English Language Arts

In Grade 10, everyone takes the same English Language Arts course. However, you will need to choose which ELA course to take in Grade 11.

In Grade 11, you'll have a choice between 3 types of ELA courses: Transactional, Comprehensive, and Literary.


All students, including grade 10's, write exams in most of their courses.

Compulsory courses all have exams, as well as some optional courses. Your teacher will let you know if there's an exam on the first day of your class. It will also be on your course outline. If a course doesn't have an exam, there will be some type of final project or other assessment instead.

Your teacher will help you to prepare for exams.

The exam week takes place at the end of each semester.

You will be scheduled into exams.

You have 2.5 hours to complete written exams. There will be one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

If you only have 1 exam on a day in the exam week, and you cannot arrange to go home, you can study in the library or other designated spots in the school.

If you have a day in the exam week with no exams, you don't have to come to school.

Most grade 10 exams are worth 20% of your overall mark.Please check with your teachers for more details. 

Expectations of students

We have 3 expectations of students:

Respect Yourself: make good choices, and try your best, every day.

Respect Others: show respect to your fellow students, the CLC staff, and anyone else in our building.

Respect the Property: show our school respect by recycling or putting trash in garbage cans. Don't deface or purposely break anything. The building is home to all of us, so let's keep it clean and looking great.


All grade 10's are encouraged to join the wide variety of extra-curricular activities our school has to offer. 

Extra-curricular activities take place at lunch, and all students are welcome to join. Check the "Extra-Curricular" tab on the main menu to learn about CLC's groups.

Failing a class

If you fail a class (less than 50% as a final mark): what you have to do next depends on what type of course you failed.

If you failed a compulsory class:

You MUST redo this class. You have 2 options:

- summer school

- signing up for the course again in the next school year

Summer school is always the best way to redo a credit. Summer school classes cover the basics of the course, and is only 3 weeks long. If you pass, you can come back in September, all caught up and ready to proceed.

If you sign up again for a course in the next school year, you will be behind. For example: if you failed Grade 10 English, you can't take Grade 11 English until you complete the grade 10 English course.

If you failed an optional course:

You don't have to redo that optional course. You can if you want to, but if not, you will need to make sure you take an extra optional course in grade 11 or 12 in order to ensure you have the right amount of credits to graduate.

Gym (Physical Education)

This course is set up in a block system where all students get choices for their gym credit. All students are required to get 110 hours of activity and are required to be in gym class for approximately 85% of their course. Each student will get an option to experience our practicum system and will get to try a maximum of 20 hours of physical education on their own. The two main focuses of this program are:

 1) To ensure our students get a variety activity choices for their physical education classes.

 2) Making sure we are teaching as many lifelong activities as possible.


We're all here to help you with whatever you need.

If you need help with coursework or anything academic-related, please talk to your teacher. They are always willing to help you out.

 If you're having troubles in your life, or if you need help with course selections or post-secondary options, you can always talk to your Learning Support Teacher, Mrs. Baker. Her office is in the Learning Centre 2.

If you need help with anything else, you can always go to the office. The principal, Mr. St. Vincent and the grade 9/10 vice-principal, Mrs. Murison, are always happy to help with any problem you have.


You can expect homework to be a part of your life in high school. Teachers have a lot of material to cover, and we want to make sure you're learning it all.

If you miss a class, please be sure to ask your teacher(s) what you missed, so you can get caught up.


All CLC students get a locker. 

Your locker combination is shown at the top of your schedule. Do not share your combination with other people.

At the end of the school year, you must clean out your locker. Anything left behind in your locker after the deadline will be removed and donated to a charity.


In high school, you receive a numerical percentage grade in your classes. Example: 61% in Science, 72% in English, etc,

To pass a course, you need a final mark of 50% or higher. Anything less than 50% as a final mark means you have failed the course.

Your teachers will provide many different ways to assess your learning, and sometimes those assessments will be for marks.

Markbook reports

All CLC teachers keep track of students' marks in a program called Markbook.

Every 6 weeks, the CLC office collects all teachers' Markbook files and produces a one page report that shows how you're doing in all of your classes. There will be a percentage mark, and a comment. This is called a progress report, They are mailed home. This is to let your family know how you are doing in your classes.


In grades 10-12, Math is split into 3 types: Essential, Applied, and Pre-Cal.

Please note: your choice of grade 10 math will determine what types of math you can take in grades 11 and 12.

For example: if you choose Essential Math for grade 10, you can only take Essential Math in grades 11 and 12.

To find out what the differences are between the Math types, click here.


You should walk into your first day of grade 10 prepared. Three must-have tools are:

- one or two big binders: you need a place to store handouts and your work.

- pen/pencil case with pens/pencils in it

- looseleaf

Optional but handy:

- binder tabs, to keep your coursework separate.

Make it a habit to bring your binder and writing utensils to every class!

Report cards

In the middle and at the end of each semester, a report card is mailed home. This is a formal record of marks.

The report cards you get at the end of each semester contain your final marks. 

School day and the school day cycle

CLC's school day is from 8:45 AM to 3:25 PM. There are 3 classes in the morning, and 2 classes in the afternoon.

Lunch is from 12:10 to 1:10 PM. Students can bring their own lunches, or buy various lunch items at our school's canteen (located in the Multi-Purpose room).

In high school, students are free to leave the school grounds at lunch hour without needing a parent/guardian's permission.


In Grade 11, Science is split up into 3 categories: Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

Science is optional in Grade 11, but depending on your career path, you may require one or more of these Science courses to be accepted into your post-secondary school. Please make sure you research what courses you will need for your career path before course registration (spring of your grade 10 year).

Semesters and Terms

All SRSD high schools run on the terms and semester system.

A semester is a 5-month long period where you have a specific group of classes, with an exam week at the end.

We have 2 semesters: September to January (Semester 1), and February to June (Semester 2).

Each semester is divided into two terms:

Semester 1:

Term 1 is Sept-Nov, Term 2 is Nov-Jan.

Semester 2:

Term 3 is Feb-April, Term 4 is April-June.


A spare is an empty spot on your timetable where you are not taking a class. Grade 10's do not have spares, and are not permitted to have spares. 

If you receive a timetable with less than 10 classes on it (5 per semester), please let the office know right away, as this is an error.


All grade 10's are encouraged to join the wide variety of sports our school has to offer. Sports are divided into grade categories, and if you have questions about which team(s) to try out for, talk to your gym teacher.