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1)      Why would someone want to change their gender?

They don't feel comfortable with the gender assigned to them at birth.


2)      Can I ask a trans person what their name was before?

Please don't. It is seen as very disrespectful because that is a former identity that person no longer associates with, and bringing up memories can be painful.


3)      What does LGBTQ+ stand for?

It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Two-Spirited, and Queer.


4)      What's the difference between pan and bisexual?

Bisexual = attracted to any two genders; pansexual = attracted to more than two genders.


5)      What is asexual?

It's a minimal amount of sexual attraction but the person still wants to date people (have the same type of intimate emotional connection, without the sexual component of a relationship).


6)      Do I need to be gay/lesbian/etc. to join CLC's GSA?

No, we accept everyone, as long as you are willing to accept everyone (and learn) as well. Plus, we have cookies!


7)      My faith is against LGBTQ+ peoples. Can I still join you?

Of course. We welcome everyone, provided you are willing to listen and accept others as they are.


8)      Why do people choose to be LGBTQ+?

They don't. Several scientific studies have proven people are born this way.

9)      Is it polite to ask someone if they are LGBTQ+?

No, it's not, unless you know them very well and believe they will be comfortable discussing this with you.


10)  Can I "out" someone?

Never do this! It can be extremely damaging (and dangerous) for some people. This is a very personal decision every person must make for themselves.


11)  How can I get informed about these issues?

Well, you could always come to a GSA meeting at CLC, Wednesdays in the Foods room at lunch, just to listen…or Google is great, too!


12)  Can LGBTQ+ people be "converted"?

No. Just as "straight" people can't be converted into an LGBTQ+ person, LGBTQ+ people can't be converted into a "straight" person.


13)  If I have a gay friend, they must be attracted to me, right?

Are you attracted to every single person of the gender you prefer? No, you're not; therefore, please do not assume your gay friend is automatically attracted to you just because you're the same gender.


14)   Can someone change their gender on a regular basis?

Yes. This is called "gender fluid", meaning that a person will change their gender over time.


15)  Why do some gay people not want to "come out"?

It can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening, depending on the person's situation. Please don't ever force someone to "come out"!


16)  Can I call my gay best friend "faggot"? He uses that word all the time!

Nope. It's the same reason we can't use the n-word. We no longer have the right to use this word. Only people within specific cultures and communities have the ability to reclaim the word in order to strip the negative connation away and reclaim it as a positive way.


17)  Is it okay to ask someone what pronoun(s) they prefer?

Absolutely! Worst case scenario, you might get a funny look, but people who have preferences will appreciate it.


18)  What does heterosexual mean?

It means you're attracted to a different gender.


19)  How many genders are there?

There are many genders, and many different ways to identify. There's too many definitions to list here, so we recommend you respectfully ask the person you are speaking to.


20)  Can I ask someone what genitalia they have?

Nope. It's rude.