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When Is Library Day

When Does my Child have Library?

Every class has one scheduled Library Class (Lib.) during the 6-day cycle.  K-4 classes also have time scheduled to exchange their home reading books (HR). Kindergarten take up to 2 Home Reading books every second day, and Gr. 1-4 take up to 6 Home Reading books once per cycle.  All Books should be returned to the Classroom Bin as soon as your child is finished reading them. Books are due before 9:30 am on the day the class is scheduled.  Please see below for your child's "Library Day".

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
1-GZ Lib.K-NP Lib. & HR3/4-M Lib.K-NA Lib. & HR2-B Lib.K-HA Lib. & HR
5/6-L Lib.2-G Lib.5/6-M Lib.5/6-J Lib.3/4-B Lib.1-E Lib.
7-F Lib.8-S Lib.5/6-T Lib.7-V Lib.3/4-C Lib.K-NA HR
3/4-C HRK-HA HR1-E HR8-G Lib.2-G HRK-NP HR
3/4-G Lib. & HRK-NA HR1-GZ HRK-HA HR 3/4-M HR