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Arborgate School has many Leadership Opportunities available throughout the school year.  We also have a more formal Leadership Program for Grade 5-8 students: the Arborgate Student Leadership Initiative, which consists of three areas for the 2019-2020.  This year we will be accepting applications for:

  • Library and Office helpers (Supervisor - Mrs. Lyss)
  • Student Voice (Supervisors - Mrs. Ridley & Mr. Grosskopf)
  • Gym Helpers (Supervisors - Mr. Grosskopf & Mr. Gadient)

Successful candidates will be volunteering in their respective group, and may be called upon to assist with special events. 

Students will be asked to meet at least once a month to receive training and discuss possible initiatives related to their category.  

Students who are a part of the school leadership team are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and respectfully at all times. They are also committing to a full year of involvement on the leadership team. 

To be considered as a candidate to the leadership initiative, students will need to complete an application form, which is available from one of the Supervisors, or at the link below.  Job Descriptions for each group may be found below as well.

Leadership Application - 2019.pdf

Library Office Helpers Job Description.pdf 

Gym Helpers Job Description.pdf