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Pick-Up and Drop-Off Zones for School

June 05, 2017


The parking lot is designated for School and Daycare Staff, and Daycare Pick-up/Drop-Off only.  Daycare spots are along the fence as indicated.  All other spots are reserved.

Parking for Parents and Visitors:

Front of school (North Side of School)

Due to the extreme congestion/bottlenecking, and for the safety of the students who walk home, the school pick-up and drop-off zones are the following:

i. Normandeau Bay (front entrance) between the bus loop entry and exit lanes

ii. on the east side of the bus loop exit (by the baseball diamonds)

iii. parking is prohibited on Normandeau Bay from Principale Street to the bus loop entry (there are ‘No Parking’ signs indicated here for this reason).

iv. Please no parking in the bus loop between the times of 8:00am-8:45am and 3:00pm-3:30pm

Old Front Entrance/on Principale/Main Street (West Side of School)

Parking is allowed anywhere along the street, except at Crosswalk
All pick-up and drop-off zones are as mentioned above. All Parents and visitors must come through the front entrance of the school (Normandeau Bay). The inside school door entrance from the parking lot location is not monitored and therefore will be locked to ensure the safety of our school.