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Terry Fox Walk/Run

September 04, 2018
Arborgate School will be participating in the Terry Fox School Run on Friday, October 28.

Our Fundraising targets for the year:
  • $800: Pie the grade 8’s 
  • $1000:  Pie the teachers 
  • $1300:  Duct tape a teacher to the wall 
  • $1500+:  Mr. Trenchard will kiss a cow
Pledge forms and money must be returned to the school by 9:00 am on the 28th.  If you would like to make a donation online, please click on the link below:

This year, you also have an opportunity to purchase Terry Fox T-shirts.  Any money raised from those sales will count towards the school's fundraising title.  Kids shirt:  $15, Adult Shirt: $20