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Meet the Teacher - Sept. 7 from 4-6pm

September 02, 2021
We are excited to invite you to book an appointment to meet your child’s teacher on Tuesday, September 7th between 4:00 - 6:00 pm. In order to ensure we have spacing for everyone and to minimize gathering at the school we invite you to make an appointment by calling the school...

Summer Hours

June 30, 2021
​ The School Office will be closed from July 1 to August 20.  It will be open from August 23 to September 3 from 8:30am– 3:30pm.  Regular office hours will resume on September 7.

Positive Behaviour Intervention Systems (PBIS)

November 21, 2018
WHY in ARBORGATE? PBIS is based on behavioral theory ; problem behavior continues to occur because it is consistently followed by the child getting something positive or escaping something negative. By focusing on the contexts and outcomes of the behavior, it is possible to determine the functions of...

Please Report to the Office

June 08, 2017
All Parents and Visitors to the school are requested to report to the Main Office upon entering the school.  PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE CLASSROOM. If you are coming to drop something off for your child, we will call him/her down to the office.  If you are picking your child...

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

June 05, 2017
If you are picking up or dropping off your child(ren), please park along either side of Principale and have your children use the sidewalk and Crosswalk, where there is a crossing guard every day.   Please do not park in the Parking Lot.  The parking lot is designated for School and Daycare Staff,...