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Strong Beginnings

Strong Beginnings Parent Letter

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What is Strong Beginnings?

It is an assessment project designed to enhance the beginning of the year assessment, which begins in all classrooms on the first day of school and continues throughout the year. The Strong Beginnings activities are not tests. They are tasks designed to help us to get to know our students and how they learn in order to know where to begin with instruction.

How will it work?

On either Friday, September 14 or Monday, September 17, each student from Kindergarten to Grade Eight will attend school by appointment for 60 minutes to participate in assessment activities in literacy and numeracy. During this time, they will meet individually or in small groups with their teacher. This is an opportunity for teachers to gather data about each child's learning that may not be evident during whole class assessment activities. It is also a chance to further develop the teacher-student relationship.

What will teachers learn through Strong Beginnings?

As a result of individual or small group assessment in an atmosphere of support and encouragement, teachers will collect first hand information on each of the children about:

  • How they learn
  • Their confidence as learners
  • The extent to which they possess the learning strategies needed for the new grade
  • Their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Their engagement in school and learning
  • Setting individual goals for personal success

    How will the assessment information be used?
  • To enhance teachers' instructional planning
  • To improve curriculum implementation in Seine River School Division
  • Your child's numeracy and literacy results will be shared with you at oral reports in October/November

Please contact the school if you have any questions.