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Principal's Message

Thank you for being so patient with our ongoing changing systems during this unprecedented 20/21 school-year! We continue to follow all of the guidelines being provided by Seine River School Division, as well as the MB Health Minister.  

As we move into the school year we anticipate that the systems will become quicker and more routine, for example, before and after school bus and parent pick-up times.  

With all of the new protocols on our minds, we want to ensure that student learning is foundational and at the forefront in everything that we do.  


With that being said, our School Goals for this year are:  


Priority #1:  Literacy: 

EY—Writing: By June 2021, all students will demonstrate at least one grade level of growth throughout the writing task assessment, which will be reflected in reading data. 

Kinder:  By June 2021, 100% of students will be at least at a C in our literacy assessment (F&P).  

Grade 1/2:  By June 2021, 80% (specific and ambitious) of grade 1 students will demonstrate at least one grade level of growth in Attitude/Self Evaluation writing skills (results-based) as measured on the writing task assessment (specific and measurable). 

Grade 3/4:   By June 2021, 80% students will demonstrate at least one year’s growth in at least two areas of the writing task assessment.  

MY—By June 2021 all students will show a minimum of one level of growth in reading and writing with 80% achieving grade level in organization and self evaluation on the writing task assessment.  

Grades 5&6:  By June 2021, 80% of grade 5 and 6 students will demonstrate a minimum of one year’s growth in organization (strategic) as measured on the new SRSD writing task assessment (measurable and results-based) 

Grade 7&8:  By June 2021, 80% (specific and ambitious) of students will demonstrate Connecting/Independent Stage writing skills (results-based) as measured on the new writing continuum (specific and measurable) self-evaluation/attitude. 

Priority #2:  Numeracy: By the end of June 2021, all students will use critical thinking skills to solve rich/authentic problems by estimating and predicting possible responses and explaining thinking/reasoning in multiple ways (concrete, symbolically and pictorially), as measured by the SRSD Numeracy Assessment. 

Priority #3: Resiliency:   By June 2021, it will be evident through our Wellness and PBIS data (decrease in infractions by 15%), that resiliency in our students will improve.  

Working together makes a big difference in the success of your child.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students, staff, volunteers and parents for their contributions.  


Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) works diligently all year to support our school goals, and to ensure the success of school events. Although this may look differently this year, we encourage as many parents to participate in the parent advisory council. They have been successful in previous years in raising funds to support our school, as well as raising school spirits and ensuring a strong school community. Thank you, PAC, for always keeping our students at the heart of all your decisions! 


Sandra Meilleur, Principal