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Arborgate School
Principal's Message

Thank you for supporting your child’s education by being involved. Working together makes a big difference in the success of your child.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students, staff, volunteers and parents for their many contributions. The support, encouragement and efforts of all individuals have provided the students with excellent learning opportunities, and the students have met the challenges. Students have excelled in many areas, both within the school and in other areas such as music and band performances, sports events, and academic events, like the Invention Convention (I-Cubed).  We are very proud of them!


Our School has embarked on a new journey in providing an opportunity for our students to become Leaders.  Please encourage your grades 5-8 students to become a Leader!  Our Leadership program will start in late September through an application process. According to our Tell Them from Me Surveys and our Positive Behavior and Intervention data, we need to work on our sense of belonging in guiding our students to take responsibility for their social and learning behaviors  – after all, this is their school J Let’s make it the best it can be!

Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) works diligently all year to support our school goals, and to ensure the success of school events. They have been successful in raising funds to support our school, as well as raising spirits and ensuring a strong school community. Thank you, PAC, for always keeping the students at the heart of your decisions!

Sandra Meilleur, Principal