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Seine River School Division
Division Scolaire Rivière Seine
Visual Arts
​As part of the Manitoba Visual Arts curriculum, students experience visual arts in four essential learning areas. As young artists, they learn about art language and tools, creative expression, understanding art in context, and valuing the artistic experience.

Students learn fundamental artistic elements and principles. Art encourages students to speak in a language they create themselves. They experiment with a variety of artistic media: charcoal, paint, clay, mixed materials. They learn about color, the color wheel, painting techniques, shadow and light, perspective, dimension, form, and art history.  Students display, analyze and reflect on their works of art and share with their peers and community.

Artful thinking not only encourages problem solving and experimentation in core area school subjects, but also helps students to look at the world with sensitivity, imagination, inspiration and creativity. All learners are able to express themselves as unique individuals. The confidence, flexibility, and ability to see ‘outside the box’ will enhance students’ lives in school and beyond in their future endeavors.