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Seine River School Division
Division Scolaire Rivière Seine
Music Program

SRSD Music Education Vision

Kindergarten to Grade 8 ​Helpful Links for Music in Manitoba
​At the K to 8 level every student has opportunities to develop and demonstrate a common musical foundation as a music maker (creator, performer and listener) through a variety of strategies within the SRSD and global community. These opportunities include singing, movement and Orff instrumentation (recorder, pitched and non-pitched percussion) followed by Concert Band in the Middle Years. Creating and performing music is a focus.

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Manitoba Music Curriculum

Manitoba Music Educators Association 

Manitoba Registered Music Teachers Association
Grades 9-12
​At the 9 to 12 level, students are offered elective opportunities to further develop individual and ensemble performance skills. These opportunities include optional courses such as Band, Jazz, and Choir. Emphasis will be placed on student performances. Exposure to performances are be offered to all students.