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Seine River School Division
Division Scolaire Rivière Seine
Policies and Regulations

Foundations and Basic Commitments

​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​ACBoard Statement of Governing Principles​ACBoard Statement of Governing Principles​
​ADEducation Philosophy​AEB​Evaluation of Superintendent
​ADAGoals and Objectives - Board​ADBClean Air Learning Environment
​ADBClean Air Learning Environment
​AEBEvaluation of Superintendent



 Board Governance & Operations 

​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​BBASchool Board Powers and Duties​BCE​Board Committee Mandates
​BDDHPublic Participation at Board Meetings (See also KD)​BGBoard Communication Plan
​BGBoard Staff Communications (See also GBD)​BGACommunication Tools Using Social Media 
​BGAUsing Social Media Tools



General School Administration

​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​CCAdministrative Organization Plan​



​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​DFFinancial Management​DJPurchasing
​DJ​Purchasing​DLCExpense Reimbursement


 Support Services

​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​EBWorkplace Safety & Health
​EBCEmergency PreparednessEBAWSH - Site Committees
​EBCBFire Drills / Evacuation Plan & Cancellation of Classes​EBADWSH - Contracted or Self Employed
​EBCDEmergency School Closures & EvacuationEBB
WSH - Dealing with Concerns - Dangerous Work
​EBCEThreat Management​EBBAFirst Aid
​EBEUniversal PrecautionsEBBBAccident Reports
​EBFCommunicable DiseasesEBCWSH - Working Alone
​ECABuildings & Grounds Security​EBCDCancellation of Classes & Bus Routes
​ECDTraffic & Parking ControlsEBCEThreat Management
​EDCAuthorized Use of School Owned Materials & EquipmentEBCF
Tragedy Response Plan
​EEAStudent Transportation​EBDFire Safety Procedures in Schools
​EEAABus RidershipEBE​Universal Precautions
​EEAEStudent Transportation in Private VehiclesEBFCommunicable Diseases
​EFEFNutritionEDBMaintenance & Control of Materials - WHMIS
​EH​Data Management / Records ManagementEEAStudent Transportation - Carry on Items
EEAABus Ridership Code of Conduct
EEACABus Driver Training
EEAEStudent Transportation in Private Vehicles
​EEAHSchool Bus Idling
EGABMail & Delivery Services
​EHData Management/Insurance Management Employees
​EIEmployees Personal Possessions



​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​GBCAStaff Conflicts of Interest​GBCAStaff Conflict of Interest
​GBCBStaff Conduct - Disclosure​GBCBStaff Conduct - Disclosure
​GBEC​Respectful Workplace​GBDBoard-Staff Communication
​GBNStaff Court Attendance​GBECARespectful Workplace Harrassment Prevention
​GBOStaff Recognition​GBECBRespectful Workplace  Violence Prevention
​GBOARetirement of Staff​GBEDWellness Activities for Staff
​GCBDStaff Leaves, Absences & Regenerative Leave​GBM​Staff Complaints & Grievances
​GCIProfessional Staff Assignments & Transfers​GBOStaff Recognition
​GCLProfessional Staff Development Opportunities​GBQDiscretionary School Based Hires
Enhanced Health and Safety
​GCBDStaff Leaves & Absences
​GCDProfessional Staff Hiring
​GCEAArrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes
​GCIProfessional Staff Assignments & Transfers

​GCLProfessional Staff Development Opportunities
​GCLAPrincipals' Major Conferences
​GCNEvaluation of Professional Staff
​GCNAEvaluation & Supervision of Principals
​GCNBEvaluation & Supervision of Vice Principals
​GCPEHearings by School Board

Enhanced Health and Safety
​GDBE​Support Staff Vacations & Holidays
​GDN​Evaluation of Support Staff



​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​IAInstructional Goals & Learning Objectives​IGAEPhys Ed and Health Education - Potential Sensitive Issues
​ICSchool Year​IGAFPhysical and Health Education - Out of Class Activities
​IE​Organization of Instruction​IGAKBasic French
​IGAD​Physical and Health Educaion​IGBA
Use of Seclusion
​IGAEPhysical and Health Education Potential Sensitive IssuesIGC
Extended Instructional Program
IGAFPhysical and Health Education Out of Class​IGDJ
Physical and Health Interscholastic Sports
​IGAGEarly Childhood Learning​IHG
Independent Study
​​IGBSpecial Instruction Programs & Accomodations​​IIA
Instructional Materials
Use of Seclusion
Technology Resources
Bilingual Instruction​IICAField Trips and Excursions
IGEAdult Education Programs​IICCSchool Volunteers​
​IHAIPractical Arts​IKEvaluation of Student Learning
​​IIGBInternet Use Policy​IKADParent Conferences
IICAField Trips & Excursions​IKDGraduation - Honours
​IICCSchool Volunteers​IKFBGraduation Exercises / Safe Grad
​IKLearning & Assessment Belief/Evaluation of Student Learning​INDSchool Ceremonies & Observances
​​IKFBGraduation Exercises - Safe Grad​INIChallenge for Credit
​INGAnimals in the School




​ ​Policies ​​ ​Regulations ​
​JAAppropriate Educational Programming​JA​Appropriate Educational Programming
​JAA​Assessment​JAASpecialized Assessment
​JBEarly Identification of Student Needs​JBEarly Identification of Student Needs
​JEB​Entrance Age​JECAccess to School
​JECAccess to School​JECAAdmission of Resident Students
​JEFRelease Time for Students​JECAAStudent Residency / Legal Guardianship
​JEFAOpen Campus​JECBAAdmission Foreign Students
​JF​Dispute Resolution​JED​Student Absences & Excuses
​JFC​Safe School Communities/Student Conduct​JEDA​Truancy
​JFCAStudent Discipline​JEEStudent Attendance Accounting
​JFCBCare of School Property by Students​JEFAOpen/Closed Campus
​JFCERespect for Human Diversity​JFDispute Resolution
​JFCHSubstance Use/Abuse​JFCSafe School Communities / Student Conduct
​JFGInterrogations and Searches​JFCA​Student Discipline
​JGACorporal Punishment (Also JFC)​JFCBMaintenance & Control of Instructional Materials
​JGBDetention of Students​JFCERespect for Human Diversity
​JGDStudent Suspension​JFCHStudent Substance Use/Abuse
​JHStudent Welfare​JGDStudent Suspension
​JHAStudent Insurance Program​JGDRStatement of Beliefs & Guiding Principles for The Use of Student Suspension
​JHCDAdministration of Medicines to Students​JHStudent Welfare
​JHCFStudent Health Services-Special Health Care in Schools​JHCDAdministration of Medicines to Students
​JHFBStudent Safety Patrol​JHCEFirst Aid to Students
​JICertified Service Animal in a School​JHCG​Guidelines for Managing Students with Allergies & Health Conditions
​JJStudent Fees​JHFStudent Safety - Windchill 
​JJAStudent Fundraising​JHFASupervision of Students
​JM​Student Awards, Honours & Scholarships​JHFBStudent Safety Patrol
​JOStudent Records​JHFCStudent Placement - Unlinked Portables
​JHFDRecess for Students
​JI​​Certified Service Animal in a School
​JJ​Assessment of Student Fees
​JJAStudent Fundraising
​JMStudent Awards, Honours & Scholarships
​JO​​Student Records

 School Community Relations

​ ​Policies ​​Regulations ​
​KBPublic Information Program​KBPublic Information Program
​KBCNews Media Relations​KBCNews Media Relations
​KCCommunity Involvement in Decision Making (Also ABA)​KG​​Community Use of Schools
​KG​Community Use of School Facilities​KJAdvertising in The Schools
​KHPublic Gifts for the Schools​KK​Visitors in The Schools
​KJ​Advertising in The Schools​KLDPublic Complaints About School Personnel
​KLBCurriculum or Instructional Materials
​KNAPRelations with Political Parties


 Board Procedural By-Laws

​ ​Name
002Procedural by-law.pdf