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Seine River School Division
Division Scolaire Rivière Seine

​SRSD Governance Structure

The Board of Seine River School Division is comprised of nine elected trustees, representing three Wards within the Division.  Each Ward is comprised of three trustees.  Terms for trustee elections coincide with Municipal elections in Manitoba and trustees are elected for four year terms.

The current Wards and elected trustees for 2018 - 2022 are:

Ward I  (communities of St. Norbert, LaSalle and Glenlea)

      Wendy Bloomfield
      Gary Nelson 
      Greg Reid

Ward 2 (communities of St. Adolphe, Iles des Chenes and Lorette)

      Jessie Cahill 
      Christine Roskos 
      Vicky Kiansky

Ward 3 (communities of Ste. Anne, Richer and LaBroquerie)

      Theresa Bergson 
      Wes Keating 
      Trina Wall 

The trustees of Seine River School Division regularly meet on the second and fourth Tuesday, with meetings once per month in December, March and August.  The board  does not meet in July unless required to deal with any unforeseen business.  Specific Standing Committees meet prior to regular Board meetings on a predetermined schedule.  The ad hoc Communications Committee meets on an as needed basis.

The trustees annually elect the Chair and Vice Chair and make appointments to various Committees.  Currently there are three standing committees (Finance and Operations; Human Resources; and Governance) and one ad hoc committee (Communication).  

The Board of Seine River School Division governs by setting strategic direction, developing goals and objectives, and monitoring the overall operation of the Division’s financial and human resources.  The Board also develops, approves, monitors and regularly reviews policies which govern how the Division conducts the day-to-day business of the central administration and all schools.

An organization chart depicting the overall structure of Seine River School Division can be found HERE.