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Seine River School Division
Division Scolaire Rivière Seine
Bill 64 Public Information
April 8, 2021 - Education bill sparks new school closure concerns - WFP
April 5, 2021 - Parent Collective Calls for Shredding of Bill 64
Winnipeg Free Press

​March 29, 2021 Bill 64 Earns a Failing Grade 
WFP Op Ed by Jim Silver
​March 26, 2021 Press Release

School Community Councils a Bad Bargain -
by John R. Wiens, Dean of Education, U of M 
March 26, 2021

​Wendy Bloomfield, Board Chair,
Letter to MLA Ms. J. Morely-Lecomte - 3/23/21
Report of the Commission on K-12 Education
​Bill 64 - The Education Modernization Act in its entirety.
Discarding Democracy, Exploding Education, Shunning Truth
Op Ed by John R. Wiens​ March 15/21


  • VOTING RIGHTS ELIMINATED: your local voting rights will be eliminated.
  • LOCAL SCHOOL DIVISIONS DISAPPEAR: your school division will also be eliminated.
  • COMMUNITY FOCUS REMOVED: school divisions would be replaced by bigger administrations serving more students and more communities.
  • ACCESS TO DECISION-MAKERS FAR REMOVED: you will ultimately need to take your concerns on any matter regarding education to Winnipeg, no matter where in the province you reside.
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE REDEFINED: as parents, you will be asked to step up to play a more significant part in your child’s schooling. You will not only be required to manage your household and work tasks, but you will also be tasked with governing and managing your local schools.
  • BUSINESS DISCONTINUED: as local business owners, you will need to secure contracts for goods and services related to schools in your own community from Winnipeg rather than locally, as you do now.
  • TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION: as a Manitoban, you will pay the same school taxes as before but with no elected voice to ensure that money is invested locally, according to who pays it. Government has proposed a phase out of school taxes without a clear plan for how it intends to achieve this. Your local school boards have advocated for this to happen for many years, it is time for actions to follow​